I'm trying to load either mp4 or FLV video into flash to play as a video. simple enough I thought, but the videos are inside a zip file using the fzip (http://codeazur.com.br/lab/fzip/) library. The code I got for loading from a zip appears to work fine, but the problem comes with the file itself. It loads the zip, I get the file, which puts it as a Bytearray, but when I pass it into a loader, the error is the 2044/2124 (Error #2044: Unhandled IOErrorEvent:. text=Error #2124: Loaded file is an unknown type.)

I should be able to add an event error handler but the fact that its erroring with unknown type is annoying me.
Since loader is normally more for swfs and images if I remember, I tried the URLloader but the first problem that jumps out with that is I don't have an address to pass it, cause it's already got the bytearray.

The properties for the fzipfile it should be in seams to be correct so it has loaded right.. looking around I can't seam to find too much that might help me..

anyone have any ideas?