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Thread: What most companies dont see

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    What most companies dont see

    Many businesses make mobile applications free to order products from there stores. How does that effect mobile developers? Programs seem free. What if I give out free snacks to people and leave a note on each one that says get the app $1.

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    It's none of the developers business how much if anything their BOSS/Marketing Dept/Company President will charge for an app.

    Getting people to order products is the name of the game.
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    Companies make the mobile app and it is really a business. But nowadays we see same kind of apps made which seems to be waste of time and money. Instead companies should do much better work then investing money on same ideas.

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    What swc is saying is basically a good analogy for electric cars compared to cars that use gasoline. The driver is for electric cars and is left with a possible conversation that the insurance is actually trying to say 'this is how much you would pay just for gas each month'

    the food company proves that mobile applications are free and is limited because it is not exactly entertainment but.. the user is left with a possible conversation that the application can have any functionality actually.

    So now people can argue that gas is free, which it is being provided free by public transportation for corona virus, And many cars that use gasoline are trying to have a very low idle now which is why at each stop light they are re-turning there cars back on.
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