Hey just got reminded of this forum randomly, I joined almost exactly 15 years ago when I was 13 years old, crazy it's still up!

My first introduction to programming was 3DFA and I made my first few games in 3DFA and met a lot of people through this forum and through the work I did with 3DFA. I eventually moved on to Flash Builder and HTML5 and worked professionally in the game industry for a few years after before switching to web development.

I am now a senior engineering manager where I work on and help architect advanced web projects often with cool tech like WebGL and three.js (still feels a lot like 3DFA!)

Thanks to everyone who was supportive and informative to a dumb kid 15 years ago, you really helped launch my whole career and life and I ultimately found my wife in the game industry with jobs I directly got because of work I did with 3DFA haha! Pretty crazy!