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Thread: How to spot a virus before downloading it.

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    How to spot a virus before downloading it.

    The users not going to get a virus if they paid the asking price, even if its very cheap.

    If the app is free and well-known, the developer is fronting and might expect something later

    - still earns nothing, might turn into a virus.

    The app is free - not well known - doesnt give the user the opportunity to earn money - has not openly expressed its business in any videos

    - should be a virus.

    The app is free - not well known - lets the user earn money

    - should not be a virus

    The app is free and always will be (social media) - doesnt exactly let the user earn money directly by the company online - well known;

    - might be a secret group of users that give self fame and collect data on how more users are using the software/viewing - type of analytical virus

    Popular browser program - website -
    not a virus, - might have buggy scripts to close the window, site might be secretly owned by people who live by you to collect data on what you view if it is a commonly used locally.
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