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Thread: Chaining fun files or swfs together

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    Chaining fun files or swfs together

    Version 10. I only do very simple animation.

    I put a couple of fun files together, and it worked great, a composite cartoon.

    But to put two short files together in sequence I had to add several blank frames, then insert the fun file. It worked, but I'm wondering if there's an easier way.

    The "Load movie" seems to just substitute the new movie for the old.

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    To chain Flash movies, I believe you need to work with the original projects. Action script at the last frame of the first movie loads the second movie and so forth. It was easy to do with AS1. I don't remember the code for AS3. It has been a long time.

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    I looked in context help and chm file help for KoolMoves and found this:

    Load Movie Action

    Loads a swf movie that is positioned relative to the upper left corner of the movie that loaded it.

    An example URL is myflashmovie.swf and an example level is 1. The URL should not contain http:// or any spaces.

    Load movie loads a movie without closing the current movie. Movies are displayed in a stacking order with level 0 being the bottom-most level. Level 0, the main movie, sets the size, speed, and background color of the entire animation. Loaded movies with levels greater than 0 have transparent backgrounds allowing you to see the movie levels underneath. If loading only one movie, any level, 1 or higher will work fine.

    Use Unload Movie to unload a previously loaded movie. Do not unload level 0.

    Load Movie and Unload Movie actions are not supported by Flash 9.

    Load Movie

    Load Movie loads a new SWF into the Flash player. This feature can be used to string together multiple SWF files. Because the project is broken up into multiple movies, the individual SWF files are smaller in size. Smaller files load faster, and manage memory more efficiently.

    Flash can play multiple timelines simultaneously. Each timeline is assigned a level. The main timeline is always Level0. Level0 sets the frame rate, background color and frame size for all the other loaded movies. Additional timelines load into higher numbered levels and are displayed in a stacking order with level0 being the bottom-most level. When using the Load Movie action, a level must be specified, to define where the SWF will be loaded. If loading one movie only, any level 1 or higher will work fine.

    A movie can also be loaded into level0. This will replace the contents of the main timeline with the loaded movie. This is an effective method of stringing multiple SWF files together in a continuously running show.

    If the loaded movie is loaded into a level, it is positioned relative to the upper left corner of the movie that loaded it.

    Using relative paths with load movie can be confusing. Since any timeline can perform a load movie action, what path is the movie being loaded relative to? Is it relative to the main timeline at _level0? Or is it relative to the timeline that performed the Load Movie action? The answer is simple: Loaded Movies are always relative to the timeline that loaded them.

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