Figured out how to send the html webpage without a site--- make a folder with 2 folders in it labeled: "js" and "sound" ; put the working file in there too, export as a web page. Remove the work file; then zip it all and email. Only about 100 KB. Worked so far. A little long but easy! I think it's worth it.


" Most browsers now require audio to be initiated "
is a problem. The numbers next to the key frame, are these in Hr : min: seconds? Or something else?

I am trying to set up a sound file to match the entire clip , then put in the sound effects at the right times. I hope I'm not going to have to add up tween-times to figure out where a key frame is. . .??? Hm, how much time IS a tween anyway?

My trials have been close, but not quite matched up so far.