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Thread: Html animation by email; but sound and timing ?

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    Html animation by email; but sound and timing ?

    Figured out how to send the html webpage without a site--- make a folder with 2 folders in it labeled: "js" and "sound" ; put the working file in there too, export as a web page. Remove the work file; then zip it all and email. Only about 100 KB. Worked so far. A little long but easy! I think it's worth it.


    " Most browsers now require audio to be initiated "
    is a problem. The numbers next to the key frame, are these in Hr : min: seconds? Or something else?

    I am trying to set up a sound file to match the entire clip , then put in the sound effects at the right times. I hope I'm not going to have to add up tween-times to figure out where a key frame is. . .??? Hm, how much time IS a tween anyway?

    My trials have been close, but not quite matched up so far.

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    The number next to the key frame is minutes and seconds and is theoretical and optimum. In actuality, it will probably differ somewhat.

    You may need to initiate audio only one time by a user click. I need to investigate this. It is possible after the first button click, sound tied to a key frame may work correctly. I will look at this tomorrow or Monday.

    Views > Actions and Sounds Overview shows key frames, elapsed time, and tweens between key frames.

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    Theoretical, eh? Okay, thanks! And I hadn't noticed the Elapsed Time column in Actions and Sounds; makes things easier.

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