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Thread: How to fix a corrupted .fla file

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    How to fix a corrupted .fla file

    If you corrupted your .fla a good solution is too download notepad++ and 7-zip file manager.

    1. right click your corrupted .fla and it will say open in notepad++ where you will see the bytecode of the .fla
    2. "Save As" the .fla into a .zip in notepad++
    3. unzip the files into a folder where you will find abunch of files that make up your .fla
    4. a file called DOMDocument.xml is in there
    5. Go through the nodes in DOMDocument.xml that have familiar filepaths that dont exist anymore
    6. Make the file paths exist again by copying files to that path.

    I only had 1 2mb .fla of a project ive worked on for 9 years that was saying it was corrupted, I did that and it worked.

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