"I'd like to take a backup of each on my DVD's and keep it on my hard drive so that i can play it on my TV via my Raspberry Pi. I think i want the DVD's ripped at h.264 as it's an up to date format and also the Raspberry Pi has the ability to decode these on it's GPU where as it has to do some other formats via it's CPU.

Now what to use?

I've got WinX DVD Ripper Platinum and it seems to do an ok job but it takes ages. I've also got Handbrake but with the first DVD i tried it does not detect the main part of the film. I've also downloaded but not yet installed DVDdecrypter and DVDshrink.

What dvd rip software do you use?

Also is there anything out there thats not too expensive that can harness the power of my graphics card (ATI) to speed things up?"