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Thread: Flash and Blender

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    Lightbulb Flash and Blender

    Hi everybody,

    long time no see. I was only occasionally here also, because I did not do anything with Flash for quite some time, but recently I started again, because I wanted to create simple animations and Flash is perfect for that.

    Adobe wants to give up on Flash or at least on swfs, if I understand correctly. I digged out my Flash CS6 to make those simple frame to frame animations for a project. I had used Blender but found that for the same animation Blender is very heavy and more difficult to use, since I imported png files. In Flash however creating Movieclips it worked so easy, and there was no sluggish handling. I have to say at this point that I am just making these movies for fun. So my equipment is not like that of a professional. I have a Mac mini.

    So I created the same animation in Flash, as I had tried in Blender. But now I wanted to add some camera effects like close ups etc. In Blender one can do that also for 2D animations. So I exported the Flash movie as a .mov (Quicktime). To open this movie one can use either the old Quicktime 7, or the newer quicktime converts the movie, and one can save that. In Blender in 2D animation mode one can import the video as a "images as plane". Scale it and the video will play. Now if one wants, one can do editing in Blender for example for which I wanted to use it to add Camera Effects of the video. And it worked.
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