I received this question a few days ago: "What becomes of the Flash component of this program when Adobe stops supporting or distributing Flash?"

I replied but I felt that an answer should be presented on this forum. Other people may be wondering.

KoolMoves does not rely on the Flash Player except indirectly through the internal browser used for previewing. Drawing and editing on the stage and export do not use the Flash Player. As I said, it is only used for previewing. That browser is an older version of Internet Explorer. Probably in a future release of Visual Studio compiler, the Flash Player will be removed. There is the ability through File > Preferences to switch to your default browser like Edge, FireFox, Chrome or whatever. It is possible and maybe highly likely that the Flash Player will be removed from most browsers. Previewing for Html5 export does not use the Flash Player at all.

There are software projects to develop alternatives to the Flash Player but they don't seem very far along. AS3 seems to be the obstacle. I suspect that KoolMoves/KoolShow SWF import maybe a better option because it gets you to a stable Html5 export format. It has been difficult to work out all the bugs in achieving this SWF to Html5 conversion but I am working hard on it. AS3 import is still a pipe dream. AS3 export took years and was most difficult.

KoolMoves has moved away from Flash export ever since it lost popularity and has concentrated on Html5 export. KoolShow is entirely Html5 export. Both products support animated GIF and AVI/MP4 export but they tend to have large file sizes.

Both products will be maintained and sold. The code base and .fun file format are shared so it is not difficult to maintain both.