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Thread: Old Flash Website Designer Needs Help!

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    Old Flash Website Designer Needs Help!

    First, I would like to say that this site was THE resource that I used to learn so much when I began designing flash websites back in 2000. I remember buying and reading the 'Flash 5 Bible' and watching all the Lynda.com tutorials!

    That said, I've been out of the scene for quite a bit of time. I stopped designing and maintaining websites around 2003. Given the current death knell for flash as a platform entirely, I'm reaching out to members of this board for some advice on some old work that I still have.

    I have an FLA file for a flash website I designed around 2001. I'm looking for any software that will allow me to open the file and compile the contents to a standalone EXE file or to render the finished website (which I also have with the HTML and SWF files). I guess I'm looking for some way to permanently archive my work before Flash becomes completely obsolete. I download the trial of Adobe Animate and tried to open the FLA in that. While it opened the file, I was missing fonts (but I do have them to import) but apparently I was using Actionscript 1.0 which has been more than deprecated by the current version of Adobe Animate.

    Keep in mind I'm not looking to do any significant work to bring this file back to life. I'm just looking for some advice for any software out there that may be user-friendly for my task that I need to do. Meaning something that is backwards compatible with Actionscript 1.0 and could render my file enough to either siphon off an EXE for permanent archiving or to render the original site so I can create a video clip of the entire site for archiving.

    All of that aside, I really miss those days when I developed sites using flash (and HTML as well). I started with Flash 5 and eventually worked my way up to Flash MX. It seems to me that the web was a lot more exciting back then with the flash websites that were available. I see that 2advanced is nothing short of a memory at this point. I really wish I could see archived versions of that company's sites. Still some of the most amazing work I have ever seen and they were a great inspiration for me for the site that I am trying to restore. In that site, all the graphics were handmade through Photoshop and then brought into Flash and animated. I used fruity loops as it was called back then to create sound effects. I even used Macromedia Fireworks for some of my sites 'back in the day'!

    I'll look around the forums and the site as well just to relive some memories. That said, I really miss the website showcase part of this forum. It was always great to see work posted by other designers for review. I can't believe how much things have changed since those glory days of the web. I miss them at times and all the fun things you could do back then.

    Thanks in advance to anyone that can help me with my questions!

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    As another old timer, I appreciated reading your post.

    I don't recall what the last version of Flash was that could compile AS1. (Possibly CS5 ?) But if you have the standalone flash player which is included with Flash CC, I would think that could run your SWF on the desktop.

    You could also try Ruffle https://ruffle.rs/#releases which has a standalone SWF player that supposedly runs most AS1/2 code.

    The only way I can think of mayyyybe turning it into a standalone executable would be to create an AIR project in Flash Builder, have it load your SWF onto the stage, and then export as a desktop AIR app. (You might even be able to do this from Animate, but I don't know - I still just use Flash Builder 4.7).
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