I wanted to say thanks to Flash Kit and the mods for being such an important resource to the Flash community over all the years. Many is the time I found answers here to really difficult, intricate optimization problems that I couldn't find anywhere else. There were legends on this board. And contributing my own knowledge, working through other members' questions, helped me learn to think in ways that made me a better coder.

It's a sad day for all of us who devoted many years of our lives to building experiences in AS1/2 and 3. I have hundreds of thousands of lines of code, whole gaming platforms, that will never run again. Flash gave us the open-ended flexibility to design experiments, games, art projects and user interfaces that were only limited by our imagination, and deploy them everywhere. No two Flash sites ever looked or functioned the same. That always bothered the UX consistency police (Apple). But it allowed for a flood of wild creativity. Some of them were so out of the normal realm that they belong in museums. All of them were labors of love.

Although now, after many years, the JS/HTML5 front-end world can finally provide cross-browser analogues to most of what we were already doing by 2008, you rarely see the same kind of creativity as we saw everywhere during the early days of Flash.

Flash made coders out of artists, and artists out of coders. This site made me better at both, and for that I'm forever grateful.

Best wishes to you all, may you carry on making great things.

Josh Strike