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Thread: Is it dangerous to not be the boss

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    Is it dangerous to not be the boss

    When you take orders from people at work it is easy for people to control where you look and after work that really affects how your eyes react to certain things. So when I drive a car now I feel like I am much more vulnerable to crash because I don't react too well when nearby cars are moving, I will probably crash eventually. Good thing I don't drive my car it is too expensive anyways. I hope to finish my barcode scanner program for android so that I can start selling mobile app activation cards to people. So alot of people are going to have to accept that I will go upto you to sell you something rather than you come to buy something, if it bothers you so much, start picking clothes colors that determine if a person can go upto you or not but forcing distances from people is not the way to handle interactions you dont want, people like to act clueless as to why certain things are in effect like social distances, much like how can a police officer control everybody. "oh it is so mystical" but the truth is this is what everybody wants and they don't want to have to personally say it.
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