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Thread: Thoughts on cloning a simcard to get gps location from different vehicles?

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    Thoughts on cloning a simcard to get gps location from different vehicles?

    There is alot you can read about that cloning an sd card can not work on 2 phones at once, but I think a good solution is to create an ane for adobe air to activate and deactivate airplane mode for android.

    pocket phone sim cloned to another android sim for your vehicle:

    every 1 hour interval on the dot your pocket phone will go into airplane mode, at the same time your android with the cloned sim inside your vehicle will get out of airplane mode, send gps coordinate to database and than go back to airplane mode so your pocket phone can get back out of airplane mode again and work properly in a few minutes.

    I think this is a good solution because 1 sim can work on many unlocked or carrier specific devices but as some articles argue, not 2 at once can be using the cellphone tower.
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    What, why? What is this needed for?
    Can you not just use an app spoof your gps location?

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