squidlips is viewing on...
Samsung Galaxy A30
Screen is scratched and display isn't that bright and lacking contrast but still a nice well rounded little screen.

Samsung Galaxy A31
Best yellows I've ever seen, parts of Daft Punk Alive 2007 visualiser I was involved in almost sent me into a trance they were so good. Contrast is still a little weak. "Whites" could be lighter, "blacks" could be darker though.

2 x Samsung S23C350Hs
Blues and purples look amazing. Really good for HDR too with heaps of detail between light and dark. The reds are a touch aggressive, teal is a bit weak, green is cheesy compared to say viewing The Matrix on a big screen. Yellows a nice and warm.

TCL 40D2900F
Heaps of space between pixels like most older monitors I've encountered. Pretty average. Does GTA 5 alright on PS4 but not ideal for viewing design unless you're right in the sweet spot.

Medion 32"/81cm HD LED LCD TV E15028
Best blues I've ever seen (immersive and vivid) when playing Batman Arkham Knight on PS4 with the main room lights off. Pretty average at everything else.

All of my old designs that I thought were amazing on CRT and LCD monitors look even better on LED/OLED but needed a bit of shadowing and texture to make up for the tighter pixel grouping (less space between pixels). I had even found the same with my favourite FKers (gerbick, SaveLarry, fearless, ondreadan, St Benedta, Zacaboo288) but getting my eyes closer to the screen to really absorb all the detail and then moving back improved my perceptions of the designs.