Hi to all,
I'm newbie in here and in Flash.
Till now i have learn some important things, points, tips and etc about Flash functions, but generally ehh... no, not many things about it.

I want to make a movieclip only to fully rotate analogically to the x, y position of another movieclip that is moving from its own, and i don't know how.
I've tried anything - from the most simple ...or even the almost stupid thought in my effort to achieve it, and finally... I always had almost crazy or very wrong results.

Thank you from now for your time.
Any help will be deeply apreciated.

ps. I make a register here because in past i have read uncountable -and at least- meaningfull posts here: all that posts helped me understand deeply and in many ways many things in Flash untill now (btw, i have Flash 8) - and thank you all by my heart for that.

ps. Sorry for any posible word or phrase mistake in my post.

Have a good day.