Website speed is one of the major factor in SEO these days. Google also recommends that your site should be mobile friendly and should load fast on mobile devices. However using external resources like javascripts files, plugin css files and other scripts cause the initial render blockage that makes a page load slower.

This issue can be resolved by using caching as well as minification plugins. These plugins have the option to completely disable google fonts loading in your website. This can certainly make your website load faster, but the look and feel of your design will be spoilt since no fancy fonts will be there.

Please also note that if your site is not that design centric and focuses more on content, then it will be a good idea to discard Google fonts because the default fonts in your website will still render smooth and readable on mobile devices.

What do you think, should you still use google fonts that make your site load slower or do you prefer to disable them to make your site load faster? What is your opinion?