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Thread: App Software Recommendation for Newbie?

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    App Software Recommendation for Newbie?

    Hi Guys,
    Old-time Flash user and thought I might build an app. So of course I'm going over my old tracks and logging back to Flashkit where I spent so much time yrs ago. I have got nothing installed on my Mac and am interested to build a basic personal app for music theory.

    I've done no programming or anything for years and won't know where to start. What's around that you recommend me to steer the ship towards to get started?

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    Coming from an ActionScript background myself I'd say there are two decent options for you. Either JavaScript or Unity. Both are platform agnostic. Js is probably a better option if you want to keep things basic while have access to a wide option of libraries to shore up any shortcomings. Combine that with software that will package the JS into an app

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    By providing a really good flowchart of everything you want in the application & how it reacts I suppose I can make it for you in a day or two, Or you should ask programming questions in the AS3.0 section since you need to take time to reacquire some of your skills for the future.
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    Combine that with software that will package the JS into an app

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