Hello, I'm Matt.

I'm trying to make a platformer Flash game using Macromedia Flash.

Theres a problem I kinda have with it. When I play the swf. The character can touch items/powerups and the items/powerups go into itemslots. But when the character touches a door, the character is sent to the next scene/stage (not a frame, seperate scenes that act as stages) and the items/powerups are not in the itemslots anymore even though I added them to the next scene (mainly their just outside the itemslots).

I tried to add SharedObjects to the frame with the code for the itemslots, hoping that the game would keep the progress as the game is played. But I'm not really good at programming, its only been weeks since I started trying this.

How do I get the game to keep the progress as the character enters other scenes/stages? Some help would be really appreciated.

Item code:
onClipEvent(enterFrame) {
if(_root.char.hitTest(this)) {

Itemslot code:
currentslotnum = 1;
function addToSlot(magicjewel){
magicjewel._x = eval ("itemslot" + currentslotnum)._x;
magicjewel._y = eval ("itemslot" + currentslotnum)._y;
magicjewel.found = true;

ShareObject code:

var itemsSharedObject:SharedObject = SharedObject.getLocal("collectedItems");
itemsSharedObject.data.magicwand = true;
itemsSharedObject.data.magichourglass = true;
itemsSharedObject.data.magicjewel = true;
itemsSharedObject.data.magicankh = true;

var retrievedItems:SharedObject = SharedObject.getLocal("collectedItems");
if (retrievedItems.data.magicwand) {
if (retrievedItems.data.magichourglass) {
if (retrievedItems.data.magicjewel) {
if (retrievedItems.data.magicankh) {