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Thread: Best Actionscripting guide/resource?

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    I've had minor programming experience (javascript...some director) and this is basically the route I took to learning flash:

    a lot of experience with tools (photoshop, illustrator, etc.) so those parts I could skim in the books...

    I picked up Sham Bhangal's Foundation Flash 5 (and the new masters of flash)... the new masters book was alright. by sitting through each example you can *sorta* make out how stuff is done. But it is pretty advanced. All the hairy stuff seems to be "done already," and design planning isn't talked about.

    The foundation flash 5 was pretty good as well, I learned all I needed to know about flash from hunkering down and going through the 600 pages.

    The dissapointing part about the book was the actionscript. The final example is fairly lame, and doesn't work very well. It is the little tweaky parts of flash that you really have to plan for it seems to make your stuff interesting... plus it doesn't help with functions and commands and etc.

    That's where his new book is supposed to come into play... I can't wait for it.

    Besides that, I've made do with _Flash Actionscript f/x & Design_ if not only for its index of every command and sorta kinda how to use them, it is simply clearer than the macromedia help which seems to be referring to something other than flash at times

    But I went through this book, and though feeling a bit better about arrays and some syntax, it misses stuff, like explaining how the brackets function in variables and strings. (they use the brackets in arrays, but fail to say the universal use of them.)

    so! what other books are worth going through... preferably without a tutorial about how shapes can overlap to form a new shape!

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    At the risk of tooting my own horn...

    You might want to check the link below.

    Toot, toot!

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    yea I understand

    Yea I feel ya. I aggree with you on the section in the Foundational Flash book, as well as the fx book, too. from my understanding though the foundational actionscrip book that was just published on tuesday this week is suppose to be much more extensive (ive been waiting for it too, already ordered it). then the Studio companion goes even deeper.

    Fortunatly I have a friend I've worked with that is Macromedia certified so he knows everything about flash. even stuff you dream of that isn't published anywhere. its nice. Good luck and I recommed the Foundational Actionscript book. there are all kinds of other resourses out there though.

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