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Thread: Onion Skin Effect

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    I downloaded an .fla of an onion skin effect and was trying to duplicate it. In the libary was a movie clip of a square flipping. In the main stage, there were two layers, one with the movie clip, and the other with duplicate movie actions in each keyframe. I had no problem with doing the duplicate movie actions (I think), but one thing has me puzzled. In the library, the only thing there is the movie clip. When I did mine, there was a graphic symbol there too. Is there a way to 'move' the graphic into the movie clip so they are one? Am I missing something?... Well, I guess I am because my movie played fine as far as the shape flipping, but no 'skin' effect.


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    You can have a graphic and a movie clip thats ok, Your graphic I take it is in the movie clip as an actor on the stage. question, did you change the instance name of the moive clip you created to match the one named in the code? Regards, Bill

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    What I did is this... I created a movie clip. named it 'movie'. In the code Duplicate Movie Clip, I made Target- movie, New Name- trail1, Depth- 1. In the Set Property, I made Set- Alpha, Target- movie, Value- 90. This is just in the first keyframe. In the others, all I changed was the trail(#), depth and the set property value to decrease 10 for each keyframe.

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    i tested your code and got it work....

    this is what i do,
    1. give the original movie an instance name, i give mine "a".
    2. one the layer 2, in a blank keyframe and put in the action...

    Duplicate Movie Clip ("a", "a1", 1)
    Set Property ("a1", Alpha) = "90"

    continue duplicate more movie until you get your onion effect.

    hope this help.
    BTW, there is 2 symbols in the library, one is the graphic, the other is the movie clip.

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    Thanks!! That's what I was doing wrong. I had my movie all set up and saved in the 'non working state', and all I did was to give it an instance name in the instance options and it worked like a charm.


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