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Thread: Could someone help me Find a flash5 Tutorial?

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    Hey Peoples,

    Ma names Trip and I'm finding there are no flash 5 tutorials for scroll bars. I've tested with flash 3 and 4 tutorials but I get a error from it not haveing the correct formula or uncorrect layers and buttons.
    My site is http://hellhounds.foogi.com
    If anyone has or knows of a sweet site for tutorials (I've been too most of them and can't find diddly squat) please leave me a line or two!!
    P.S. I've only been working on flash for 3 weeks now and have overcome some friends that have had it for months ahead.
    I learn at an accelerated rate.

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    good luck, it could be hard to find for a while. plus flash 6 is already in the works I have seen screen shots for it, crazy. but for a scroller, ill get back to on that. working on one now for myself in F5. give me a day or 2. email me a ben@webplusdesign.com so I don't forget.

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    you are at the ultimate tutorial site! at flashkit there are dozens of tutorials ranging from no flash experience up to advanced effects. you can find them here:

    flash 6 is in the works, but the screenshots you have seen were created by one of flashkit's members as a joke. there are no official screenshots available yet.

    welcome to flashkit both of you

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    hmm.. nice try, screenshots are from the horses mouth directly from macro. It pays to have connections on the inside.

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    sry uberflash i guess those were real

    is there a url that i can see them

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