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Thread: Dragging a Mask

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    I'm trying to drag a mask.

    How do i do that?
    i'm trying to make a blurred pic become clear as they go over it. and everything is good, but anytime the MC is a mask i can't communicate with it. i tried set propery stuff just for testing, and nothing works. it all works fine if it's not a mask, but turn it to mask and it stops working. please help thanks.

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    may works

    had u tryed to put a transparent buttom over the mask (inthe same layer) group them and tell to button drag it?
    make a clip,edit in new window, put it on stage, call movie1 as instance name then put an transparent buttom over the mc on stage, , edit , select all, modify , group . it s ready
    the action to da button is
    on (press)
    Start drag ("/movie1")
    end on
    on (release)
    Stop Drag
    end on
    it may works

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    actually, yeah, i have tried that. it didn't work for me. i don't know why nothing is working.

    i want it so when the scene enters that it automatically starts. so i need the code in the main timeline. right?

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