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Thread: variables problem AGAIN!!!!URGENT

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    Hi guys,
    i have two movies on the main time line and they both have buttons inside them.
    Can some one please see waht is wrong with this code...
    Code in the button:

    On (Release)

    Begin Tell Target ("/cc"&/:x)
    Go to and Stop (1)
    End Tell Target
    Set Variable: "/:currentCriteria" = 1
    Set Variable: "n" = /:currentcriteria+1
    Set Property ("ccExpanded"&/:currentcriteria, Visibility) = true
    Go to and Stop (2)
    Set Variable: "/:x" = /:currentcriteria
    End On

    By the look of this variable /:xc which should be on the main time line should be 1 but if was to run this code with some additions in movie 2 on the main time line,it does not recognise the value of /:xc ...please tell me where im going wrong in this ...it is like i want to be able to access the value of /:xc from anywhere in the movie but cannot. Im in big trouble...URGENT request...

    gary sapra

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    If the button is on the main timeline refer to the variable set in the button as x
    ie: x = whatever;
    as opposed to /:x =

    to check that it is working put a text field"x" on main timeline.

    from anywhere you can call it as _parent.x

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