first i would like to thank Mark f..aka---> Flashkit.
Mark Fennel the man behind Flashkit who made this all possible, cheers to you !

to start out this post i want to expand on Mark Fennel, no this is not a** kissing !
think for a moment on the very short history of FK, a dream and an idea brought to fruition by Mark and many contributions by people like yourself, in 1 short year we have become the largest comunity on the web 102k and growing stronger every day.
so think for a moment the way FK has expanded your knowledge,... not only of Flash but of of the many personalities of the net, i personally have laughed and cried on this very site, which has proven to be a great relief from the everyday grind we all call life.
i thank Mark F and all members who have contributed to this site in a way as to exemplify the way "we" as a community can rise above the mediocre and bring out the best of everyone... even from the distance that we are all seperated.
( we have had trouble with some members and the result has worked out to be a very fair way of dealing with the troubles that some have brought to this community...the way in which FK and the Mods and even the Members have dealt with the troubles can in some ways be an example to the rest of the world as to the human in 'humankind')
which brings me to the original theme of this post.

who can say what the future of the net is...
well....i believe that it can be determined quite easily,
and Flashkit believe it or not..has made a big impact as to the direction of the next development cycle on the net.
Are "we" the Future of the net?
think for a moment....
FK has had quite a year, and the way we have grown has made a huge impact on the future, we have just not seen yet the results of our contributions...FK has members of all ages from all parts of the you not think that every word and contribution has made a difference? if this all seems to you to be unimportant perhaps you are in the wrong forum or on the wrong site.. maybe it is just that you have not taken the time to be thankful for the ways in which FK has helped you.
so please think for a moment...

thank you for reading this....the future is ????
you deside.

this post will be continued with important information