The point I stressed in the fist post, is that there needs to be an added message in the spot for parent e-mail that states: " You must put something in this box, regardless of age. If not your form will not be submited."
Or atleast place it at time of error. This would save older people like myself the time and hassel of trying to figure that out on our own. When the message comes back saying that your form was submited incorrectly, or what ever it says, How am I supposed to know ("Thinking I am 22 yeasr old and do not need to place a parents e-mail in the box.") that this was the part of the for that was incorrect. I build web sites for a living, I am not stupid. I just think that there should be something to say this to save the time of going back to fill it in.
Also there is a javascript that alows you to put you age in an input area that will not alow you to subit the form with out the other proper fields filled in as well if you do nhot meat the age requirements. Why would this script not be more useful and less time consuming than the way you have the form set up now?? I would like some feed back on this so please e-mail me at Thank you.
Blaine AKA "Hypernol"