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Thread: On mouse over play movieclip????????

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    I have a button If you go with your mouse over it or on it.
    Then it must play a movieclip but how do i do that.
    Please help???

    Greetings Devil

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    drag the movie clip on to the stage ( the one you want the mouse event to play)
    goto the Instance panel and give this movie clip an instance name. This has a different mean to the name of the movie clip in the Library although it can have the same name.
    Now select the button, open the actions panel>drag onMouse event into the right panel of the actions window.
    select the approriate event, probably on rollover. The choose either tellTarget or with from the list of actions. You should see a little target shaped icon in the lower right hand corner of the actions panel. Click that and another dialogue box will appear. All going well the instance name of the movie clip should be in that box. Select that and hit OK.

    Then in the actions panel select Play.

    test ya movie.
    All going well it will work.
    Hope this helps - if not reply and will get it going - its pretty basic.

    Hay, arent you the webmaster of this site?

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    Damn it isn't working.
    must be the movieclip in the scene or not?????


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    I use the exact same functionality in my site, and the script behind the button should look like this

    on (rollOver) {
    tellTarget ("contactspray") {
    play ();

    'contactspray' is the instance name of my MC. If you dragged the movieclip onto the stage, you should see a little dot where it was drug to. Click it once, then goto the Instance tab on instance panel. Give it an instance name, and substitute it in where I've use 'contactspray'

    That should do the job perfectly. If it doesn't, then your MC has some script in it that won't allow it to be played.

    Good Luck.

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    Smile Thnxs

    Thnxs man
    O yeah i am not the webmaster lol

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