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Thread: The Future of Flash?

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    Firstly I would just like to say thanks to the Flashkit team for an excellent Flash resource site...

    I feel that this is the correct forum to ask other other professional flash designers/developers their views on the future of the Flash format.

    I must admit that without Flash, I would not be involved with web design today as a career. I started using flash from vesion 3 and have never looked back. Recently I had to produce a document for my company detailing the 'HTML vs Flash' debate that has been highlighted over the past months, this has really made me think about the future direction of Flash as the Internet advances over the coming years.

    With increases in Network and infrostructure technologies, will there be a need for 'modem friendly' vector graphics?

    Will the SWF format become such an integral part of the Internet that it will be the carrier for newer and faster formats of delivering graphics and sound?

    Will the Flash format become a platform in itself to fully intergrate with other online technologies?

    I am sure that Macromedia have a 'water tight' game plan for the future of Flash, but I am very curious to hear other users opinions...

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    Hey theory-x, Welcome to FK man!

    Personally, I think that Macromedia, as an independent software company, will integrate their products as much as they can with current popular technology. However, I can't see them creating an entire platform for which other companies must create interfaces and connections. Flash is a third-party product and I think they intend to keep it that way.

    As far as modem-friendly graphics, there's always going to be somebody with a modem who appreciates your help in easing the load

    Flash is growing and growing. In fact, it's already prepackaged with most browsers, so in a sense it's like it's already integrated. Browsers can view .gif and .jpeg images by default, and now .swf files. There are still some glitches, i.e. browser detection foulups and other incompatibility issues, but surely they will soon die out and Flash can reign sovereign as the most powerful vector graphics medium of the Web.


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    Yeah, welcome to Fk theory-x!!!
    Hope you enjoy and have a good time here.

    I agree with Supermario,

    furthermore I think Flash will be used or seen even more among major business sites. Now flash is often fully used in design/webdesign/experimental or entertaining sites, but as long as Flash sites look professional, well organized and still easy to access we will get to see Flash sites used more and more on (major)business sites.
    In use with Generator or any other database driven application Flash can do just as much as with HTML and ASP, just packed in a nice way.

    I think you can easily see this coming by the way a lot of static sites just add some Flash to it...in the nav or in the header. Sooner or later we'll see it all over those sites maybe, since it's really making a difference.


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