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Thread: If you freelance, you must read this...

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    If you're going to change a client's index page to a "this person does not pay" thing or whatever, make sure you have made sufficient efforts to contact the client first. If by e-mail, don't delete the sent messages because they may be helpful should you need a lawyer. Then, if they get a lawyer to send you a letter to remove the "nasty" page, you have your butt covered (provided you have a signed contract).

    Stand your ground but always be professional about it.


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    It is ridiculous and idiotic to display a "This person does not pay" sign on someone's server by removing or adding an outside variable to/from a site.

    What if you are the one who made a mistake? OOPS! You just lost a client, as well as perhaps many more!

    I do use a previously posted idea, which is having the main movie call a .swf from my server, (which is, in effect, a large white box) onto the main level. The swf name is the same name as the company so any other companies' sites I build will not be affected. If there is ever a problem with payment, etc. I would simply upload the "white box" to my server and their site is disabled.

    Let me make clear that not every site I build gets this treatment, and I have NEVER had to use it. EVER.

    Pick your clients carefully. Conduct yourself respectfully. Create good business relationships.


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    If you have some way of disabling your work on their site, do it..

    But do NOT put "this person does not pay" or you can be sued..

    They can come back and say that there were issues with you as a vendor, and payment was being worked out..you will wind up being slanderous by branding them for the world to see as someone who does not pay their bills.

    Contracts, contracts, contracts...spell it out and you will never worry again [hah!]

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    i hide a button on the site.. its my special button that locks sites till i put in the correct PW again

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    A solution to non pay clients

    Originally posted by DJ_SFinKz
    I have read all these posts and have thought we should have some sort of "universal" set standard, If we could all abide to this it would be great, something like pay half before, and the other half later.

    And remember that not all clients are bad

    Just build a function that allows your client to view your work but is password protected after you hand it off. Just like software you buy at the store. The ID would only have to be entered once by the client. Otherwise the flash file is disabled.

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    just found this on a search... good read thought it deserved a bump...

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    I know it's old but ...

    What I've started to do for my outside projects is included in the contract that if the full payment is not made within thirty days of site completion and upload, there is a 5% interest on the due amount which compounds daily.

    You'd be amazed at how clients start to pay when you bring that to their attention.

    My basic rules:
    1. always have a contract
    2. never release source files until payment is made
    3. always have the aforementioned interest clause in your payments section
    4. if they still refuse to pay or neglect to, allow the interest to build for three months and then get a lawyer
    5. make sure you talk to the client and ask them if they've read over your contract and understand everything in it before finishing any work
    6. if you've already finished work, simply take down the site and make sure you include your right to do so in your contract

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    In my defense


    A thread that has not been touched in 8 years is no place for this kind of stuff. I have removed all content and referencing the material.

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