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Thread: -----------------Flashkit Dictionary What do you Think?-----------------

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    Hey guys, here is what we have on the Flashkit Dictionary so far: If you want to add something post it here on the board: Cheers, Steve
    ================================================== ==========
    ~Library: The place where you put all of your symbols in:
    Keyframe: This is a beginning, or ending pointfor a movie.
    ~Blank Keyframe,= Usually Used to delete an object from the window.
    ~Motion Tween-This is the command that must be given to make an object change size, and position.
    ~Shape Tween: Working with only raster and vector graphics a shape tween "Morphs"one object into another:
    ~Trace Bitmap: This will roughly convert your Bitmapped ~Images (gif,jpg,bmp, etc) to vector format.
    ~Scale: Increase or Decrease Size
    ~Group: To bring objects together.So that they can be moved or scaled.
    ~Convert to symbol: This will make the selected image appear within your library.
    ~Pope de Flash- You will be blessed when he rips off the robe and starts answering questions on the board.
    ~FlashGuru: Not a part of the Official Flashkit team, but the probably hangs out more than anyone.
    ~Flashkit- The worlds most awesome reference site for Flash developers of all skill levels.
    ~Swish-The Program that saves flash developers Days worth of Time.
    ~Swift 3D- The best 3d Program for flash.
    ~Movie- This is what you are working on. It is the name of the flash document. The main timeline references the movie.
    ~Timeline-The timeline controls the time at which actions take place.
    ~Layer- Each individual layer holds an object or a script. These are located on the left side of your timeline.

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    Button-Something used to guide users through a site or perform game actions. Can be animated or plain.

    Movie Clip-Easiest way to import swish or swift files for use in a flash movie.

    Hope that helps i really suck at explaining stuff through typed out words.

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    Actionscript-Macromedia Flash 4's host programming language. Allows dynamic interaction between movieclips and other object as it is object-oriented.
    Align-groups object together in a certain order which can be customized.
    Macromedia-developers of Flash and other numerous tools for Web.
    Test Movie-a function that allows for a file to be previewed temporarily in user's C:\Temp directory. While on, movies should be saved in some kind of directories if using Load Movie action, since everything is loaded from C:\Temp. Get URL actions are not allowed.
    Publish-a function that allows viewing your movie just as is on the web, but no streaming options.
    Load Movie-a function that loads other movies timelines into a certain level or movieclip. Movieclips are much usually preffered.

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    Keep it up guys good work!

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