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Thread: Flash Kit v2.0 - Your ideas here!

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    Ok, store idea = good
    Membership fee = bad

    I love this site but I won't pay to use it. It's not the only Flash resource on the net (although it is the best), and I won't pay for something I can get elsewhere for free.
    I'm sure this didn't need to be said as I'm sure you realize how many people would be chased off by a fee.

    Finally, the reason I'm posting is to suggest a feature in which you can search through a select number of forums, instead of the current "one or all" method. To be more clear, give me the option to search through say, Flash 4 Actionscript and General Help or what ever combination of forums I choose.


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    Post New Flashkit

    I love your site, it has been very helpful to me.
    Could you make a printable page for each of your tutorials?
    It would be easier to print out one page, instead of going to each page and have to print each one of them out.

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    Cool only 2 but important in my opinion

    These might be covered I havn't read all posts ...but the most important too me would be.....1
    Chatroom......big time ...I hate having too see who's live and then see if they are on icq.....CHATROOM.
    and less important but still would rule ...would be the fact that a lot of other users complain about not having enough...flash e.t.c.
    If you really want too do the site up...why not have 2 versions of main elements of the site....one with more html and a regard for bandwidth...with proper alt tags and stuff.
    and one aimed at broadband users...with more eyecandy.
    and then just recognise the user and they're connection.
    Also a great feature if you could put it would be stuff like more brodband things like...Video stream/downloadable
    master classes with big names.....have either users or someone from the kit come down to a lot of the conventions as well especially the macromedia open days and stuff and have them tape it...so we can download them as well....anything like that...that would take it too the next level.........maby also run a competition like a top 100 ...where users send in entrys and the prize is the chance too show thier portfolio...in a section in order so that they can get work and also to get more users too the site in the way of prospective clients looking for the best.
    This should probably only be open too freelancers though,as it could be a bit unfair if the top are all huge firms that everyone knows already.....I'll leave that one open for further debate.....just a few I'll get back with more if I come up with some.

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    Cool someone said it'd be too long too load if FK was all in flash

    It'd take as long as you want...I don't think if you wanted too make a site as large as flashkit 100% in flash that you'd be using one .swf.
    You could just have say the homepage as one .swf and then load whatever sections as seperate ones.

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    I fully disagree with the guy that said flashkit should go 100% flash. Alhtough I am a total total supporter of flash you have to admit flash has places it should/shouldn't be. If you are going to have a resource site with tons of pages, resources, and sections, I do not think 100% flash is a good choice. Flash is more like a high multimedia tool, good for showing off your skillz and for simple yet high impact sites. A lot of implementation of flash iz recommended, but not the whole site.

    I would also like to see new colours, no offence 2 the webmaster and respect 2 hime but I personally don't like the colours 1 bit...not tryin to b negative or ne thing...


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    Re: iCEBERG2000's opinion

    iCEBERG, that's an excellent idea !!!
    I believe no other resource site has this option, FK has a great opportunity !

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    Flashkit could also serve as a sort of a Flash Sourceforge. What I mean Is we could have advanced projects that a group can collaborate on for open source or Flashkit use.

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    Why is everyone against a full fledge flashed site?

    After reading over this thread I noticed someone suggested a Flashed site of flashkit, and yet everyone says "no, no, no, it would be to slow?" Could it be that no one else besides myself and a small handful of others think flashkit should be. I mean come one people if we aren't behind this product a 100% its never gonna mature.

    Currently I'm at a contract gig with Verizon, were we are using Flash 5.0 to Check your email, send attachments, receive attachments, Reminders, make phone calls, conference calls, Record phone calls and Managable Contacts list. Eventually Instant Messaging & Chat (both push based, A Message Board ( http://www.molotovbliss.com/testarea/!forum2/ note i'm still working on it ), and Video conferencing.

    The video conferencing is where I draw the line, I know flash 5.0 couldn't handle such, anyone know of a less than 20kb video codec? Maybe 6.0? Our "fix" to this is using DHTML Windows that are draggable over the flash that uses netMeeting.

    Anyhow, my point is I think Ultrashock is going to be a truley great site, Take a look at http://www.dream-nation.com to see what flash IS capable of before you start to tear down our beloved machine

    As for the "slow loading" comments, If the templates and data are structed well it would be just as, if not faster through a flash 5.0 interface.

    I know flashkit has a copy of Swish Generator Installed Why not utilize it more guys besides on the flashtyper.


    - Disgruntled,
    [Edited by B00MER on 02-03-2001 at 12:00 AM]

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    This is a content based site. We come here to get help and to learn. And most people want to get the info as quickly as they can. Therefore, flash is not an option here. Plain html with no fancy stuff will always be faster than flash.
    We also want to keep the bandwidth usage down, because bandwidth costs money. So, it's best to keep the pages as small as possible in file size.
    Flash is a great program, but a lot of times, it's simply better not to use it.

    About the money making business, I posted some ideas before, but some reply's seem to have vanished.

    How about making a second games section where users can submit their games that flashkit is allowed to sell to other sites. Flashkit can make some money for that, and the creator of the game put his/her name in the game, it'll be some free exposure.


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    Well I suppose that a flash site from faslh kit would be great and that this flashsite als open source is , so we could learn the best actionscripting by using your site as an example, further more I'd like to see a peace of software which directly connects you to flashkit v2.0 and maybe if it is possible a share program, like napster only then with the fla's and swf's and the rest you could use.


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    - no membership fee. think about it, if yahoo.com (over millions of hits a day) charged their users, would their users still be using yahoo? Same thing with flashkit.

    - the real need is a new chatroom. that should be v.2 's priority

    - a store, where flashkit users can buy flash/other web design products at lower prices than other places. flashkit could probably have the connections to buy in bulk and make some money that way.

    - i like the idea of cups and stuff. flashkit should give those away to contest winners. that way their mugs and t-shirts can promote the site to non-users.

    - more tutorials and better navigation in the area. i want 20-30 tutorials shown in the listings area, and not have to click next 20 times to see the whole section of tutorials.

    speed is a huge problem for me (56k user) but i got no idea how to solve that!

    can't wait for v.2


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    I'll start out with a few words of wisdom: don't take the redesign lightly. You really have to think about the purpose of this site: providing a fast, reliable, easily manageable ressource for Flash developpers where everyone can share their ideas and wisdom.

    A 100% Flash site would kill speed, and be totally unmanageable. A pay-site would also discourage sharing between users. The manual for Apache puts it very well:

    "Furthermore, Apache is an organic entity; those who benefit from it by using it often contribute back to it by providing feature enhancements, bug fixes, and support for others in public newsgroups. The amount of effort expended by any particular individual is usually fairly light, but the resulting product is made very strong. This kind of community can only happen with freeware -- when someone pays for software, they usually aren't willing to fix its bugs. One can argue, then, that Apache's strength comes from the fact that it's free, and if it were made "not free" it would suffer tremendously, even if that money were spent on a real development team. "
    I think you really have to acknowledge the fact that the users ARE FlashKit, so complicating the submission process would be very hurtful. Just take a look at javascripts.com who totally screwed up their redesign. They made it hard to submit stuff on their site, and now they hardly get any hits.

    The donation idea on the other hand is very good, and I think the community is strong enough to get involved.

    This is just an idea, but what if you put some of the best movies, tutorials, sound loops and whatnot on a CD-Rom and sell them? Or maybe you take the 20-40 best movies, and give complete explanations on how they were made? You could give back some of the cash to the people who made the things in the first place. I know that usually CD-Roms aren't a good idea because they discourage online use, but this site is updated so often that I don't think it's an issue.

    Some other suggestions:

    1. Better navigation in the Tutorials and Movies sections. Perhaps something similar to the Webmonkey.com dhtml tree?

    2. A clipart section, where people can share buttons, movie clips, vector art etc.

    3. A FAQ section in the forums

    4. A 'wanted' list in the Movies section

    5. Speed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Good Luck on the RD!

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    i think we will need to keep an eye on ultrashock... they might rise up to be a powerful competitor

    i hope there is at least some flash in the site but not all

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    First of all, Thank you so much for everyone's effort (especially the webmasters/FK staff) for making this site possible to be what it is now. And thank you for listening (reading) our opinions too!

    [list][*]Membership Fee:
    This is one of the hardest thing to decide, should we have a poll about: "Will you pay $5 a year for much faster, more features and much efficient FlashKit?"? then we can see what people sayz. But imho... keep it free please.
    I would certainly donate to help you guys to improve FK!
    [*]Language Thing:
    Yes, I agree with this issue, maybe we should have a new category of "International thing" in the forum and people who are not confident about their english can post messages in their own language or something.. but if this service is too time-consuming, then put this issue in your last priority.
    [*]100% FLASH?
    Definitely NO!
    I think the layout for FKsite is not AS important AS the resources and services available inside! This would make FK site even slower - and since we visit FK EVERYDAY, I dont think 100% flash for FK is a good idea.
    Well, I know, it would be great to have a really stylish FLashkit layout, it would be even MORE wonderful if you use those time to improve the speed and content!. Besides, the current FK design is not THAT bad too.

    Good luck for FK v.2, and once again, thanks for everything!

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    Where is the paypal button for the donation??? New users will get the $5 back when they verify their account, so it will not cost some of the folks anything, yet it will help you out alot.

    When (and if) you get the donation button up, I want to be one of the first to use it.

    I also love the idea of a design contest for the T-shirts. Or just make an iron on and we can put your logo anywhere!

    The suggestions from the members are great. You have alot of loyalty out there.

    Love ya Flashkit.

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    Whatever you do, do not make everything in Flash. It will just be a pain in the butt for you guys to try and keep everything's size down and for us to have to download everything.

    I think in a few years time when broadband becomes the norm, as against the exception, then you can think of doing that.

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    Cool Did no-one read my post?

    You guys are still going on about 100% flash.....not 100% flash......it's simple....you put a script in which recognises user connection and then directs them too the right page ...even easier is too have new users say what ver they want when they sign up and too also let old users or anyone really too change what ver they want in thier profile.....SORTED....
    The only thing I can't help you out with is funding....you are still going too be eating bandwidth...but that has more too do with how you fund the site......I could easily tell you how too make at least $100000-1000000...But that would be f**kin stupid as it would give away the greatest idea I've ever had ...

    Think and ye shall find.......the answer is there.....probably more than one ....lol

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    Oh yeah ......and if you inadvertantly find out what I'm talking about and do it before me .....you realise I'll have too kill you all......lol

    Just kiddin........(maby)

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    Ok, I think that FK have the idea that we don't want a full flash site. I much prefer Flashkit to Shockfusion. ALthough ultrashock.com does look mad, I'm sure the talented guys who made FK 1.0 will beable to compete with FK 2.0! I strongly disagree about making a Full Flash and HTML version of Flashkit. It'll be too big a job to make each awesome. Also, if you are looking for better revenue generating ideas... this is going to cost a lot! You don't want to have to extend your resources into a HTML and Flash version. They will end up being half arsed and not too appealing. I say a combination of Flash and HTML would be perfect. I like the simple, clean but easy to access layout. I also like the idea of free tutorials! I wouldn't keep coming back if they all of a sudden cost money. Maybe you could put advertisements with the emails sent out from FlashKit. IE when you email a user an advertisement is placed in that email. Good Luck.

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    I think the design is befitting. Speed, or lack thereof, being the only issue IMHO.



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