Hello! I am finally faced the big problem of copyrights and patents. Here's what i have done...i liked an animation i saw on the web, and i took the concept and made something similar. Ofcourse i re-made all the graphics but they do look similar to the ones on the actual site.However,the animation i have made is not 100% similar and though a few features are alike i have incorporated my own ides as well. Can someone please tell me if i can use my animation on the web or does it have to be trashed?

I would also like to know if i can go to some internet forum or get some document that describes patency/copyright laws for the internet.

Please let me know as many details about this as possible.I would also like to know if the country i am in doesn't have any laws regarding internet related copyrights/patents can i still be sued for making this animation ??

Thanx in advance............Dimple
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